Youth Reality Conference



“The future of our country, continent and globe, is in the hands of our Young people. They are our future.  Not every child is raised in a perfect family and it is therefore imperative to ensure that Young people are guided and mentored by willing Destiny Helpers/ Mentors who will become the Bridge Builders to help our Youth come into their full potential. Our young people face many challenges and numerous distractions are vying for their attention. 

There has also been a deliberate attempt by the forces of darkness, to steal the destinies of our young people, firstly by taking religious instruction out of our schools, and now through drug addiction, pornography, drunkenness & alcoholism, depression and suicide, sexual promiscuity and abortions, etc.  Each young person has been born with an innate, God-given, unique creativity, talent, gifting and the ability to create wealth. However, the current system is set up to keep them in poverty, by stifling that unique ability, to keep them in poverty and dependant on government grants and assistance.

 It is for us, as Leaders and Gatekeepers of our society, to nurture and help grow the seeds of greatness planted in each of our young men and women and to guide them onto the life journey chosen for them.

Join us at our Annual Youth Reality Conference where our Youth are given the platform to freely speak about the challenges they face and the safe, lifegiving coping mechanisms that are available for them.

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