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Worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and BLESSING.

Revelations 5:12

God is the great communicator. All communication started within the heart of God, when He spoke the words: “Let there be,” and there was. God desires for us to communicate with Him daily, to hear His voice. The Media He uses to communicate with us, is through His word, His Holy Spirit, through His people, books and through all the other media outlets. However, the enemy keeps us so focused on the negative news, so busy with social media platforms and the “noise” and “clutter” of this world, that we sometimes battle to hear the voice of God.

This Mountain of Influence or Sphere of Society includes: – Writers, editors, producers, magazines, tv, radio, social media, You Tube, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., all forms of media and methods of communication, telecommunications and postal services. The Freedom of Speech, expressed through the media, has produced a society of people who are free on the outside, but enslaved on the inside. Media reports are meant to defend our access to truth, but real truth sets us free from the inside out.

What we propose

  • We would like to lobby for greater restrictions imposed on adverts about pornographic material
  • Fines need to be imposed on Companies who are sexually objectifying women on billboards and adverts to promote their products
  • A ban on adverts promoting pornography and promiscuity, especially google pop-ups on smartphones
  • Tobacco companies cannot advertise smoking anymore and there are restrictions on the manner in which alcohol is advertised. Similar restrictions should be imposed on pornographic or sexual content
  • Adverts advertising divorce lawyers and material gain from divorces, must be banned
  • Restriction on the age children will be allowed to have a smartphone, as there is no use to have age restrictions at the movies, but then the child can go and google the same movie on their smartphone or tablet
  • Internet cafés should have a minimum age restriction for entry, just like a bar has and a proper monitoring system needs to be put into place and various sites blocked for children under a certain age
  • Tighter laws/ restrictions need to be imposed on pornography, escort agencies and internet café’s
  • Women must get a fine should they promote themselves in a sexual way

“Whoever controls the MEDIA, controls the MIND of the masses”– Jim Morrison