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Worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power and

RICHES and wisdom and strength and honor and

glory and blessing.

Revelations 5:12

On the Business & Economics Mountain, we see God as Provider and He is love displayed as RICHES. These are the riches that are expressed in the abundance of the resources through our economy. The demonic strategy is to fill society with people who look to money rather than God as their source of provision, continuing the cycle of broken economic systems that are rooted in greed rather than a trust in God as Provider.


God loves providing for us, without an agenda, just because He’s kind and this is His very nature. God as our provider is not Father Christmas, content to be visited once a year with a list of needs.  Neither is He a gum-ball machine we can put a little something in and get out what & when we want.  God is also not like a mafia boss that we need to pay off with an offering so that He won’t break our kneecaps.  He is much more relational and generous than we can imagine. He has literally provided for every possible need we will ever have emotionally, physically, monetarily and spiritually.

What we propose

  • Government must invest in real economy – build capital stock and industry (manufacturing and real productive sectors)
  • Localisation of supply of goods, policies that encourage regional centres and economic hubs to produce goods (prepare locals for export market) into local markets as well as Africa and Asian markets
  • Financial system that encourages debt for investment and building, instead of consumerism
  • Support for SMMEs and the provision of finance to students exiting technical and vocational schools to establish a culture of entrepreneurship amongst technically equipped students
  • Working opportunities and Education system linkages to the economy should be strengthened and entrenched in education system
  • Technological advancement should be used to enhance output, and not to replace humans in the workplace
  • We need to reduce the barriers of trade
  • Policies need to be introduced that would protect humans in the workplace against mechanisation, which is especially important with the introduction of artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Laws governing how the retail stores operate should be reviewed. Malls or Shopping centres cannot have exclusive rights to selling a product. Municipal bylaws need to be reviewed when it comes to Malls or shopping centres
  • Taxes on a sliding scale for entrepreneurs should be introduced
  • An Economic plan that drives production and thereby employment of all unemployed South Africans
  • An effective, strategic and non-divisive or destructive plan for the redistribution of assets and wealth to all

“Our ability to reignite our economy rests on the decisions we take in this moment, and the urgency with which we address this crisis”– President Cyril Ramaphosa