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Worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power

and riches and wisdom and STRENGTH and honor

and glory and blessing.

Revelations 5:12

It is no secret that the sanctity/sacredness of the Judeo-Christian family structure is constantly under threat. The danger of this is that, when the family is under attack or dysfunctional, children are raised in brokenness. Outside of redemption/salvation, a broken child will become a broken adult who, in turn will raise broken children. The cycle repeats itself, until it is broken.

Family is the nucleus of society. The family is a generational strength that was meant to help us as individuals to stand against the storms of life when everything else falls apart and is the one safe place you can always come back to for acceptance and love. Any society that allows the family unit to collapse will itself eventually collapse.

The husband-and-wife relationship is likened as the relationship between Christ and the church, because in the book of Ephesians 5:25, husbands are commanded to love their wives just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. This is a covenant relationship between God, you and your spouse and because of this, comes under the hottest attacks of the enemy. It is also a spiritual relationship, because the two become one, not one physically, but one spiritually. (Mark 10:8-10)

What we propose

  • To review divorce laws and ensure that measures are taken to prevent marriages from dissolving so easily
  • To lobby for and implement a minimum counselling period for all marriages before a divorce is granted
  • Make it illegal for Lawyers to advertise divorce or material gain from a divorce
  • Scrapping of the law on ante-nuptial contracts without the accrual system. Couples are more prone to work harder at making their marriages work when they know there will be material loss from the divorce
  • To identify child-headed households and implement a programme to support and educate child-headed households
  • To lobby for the protection of marriage officers who refuse to solemnize same sex marriages. One cannot be forced to do what is against ones own value system
  • Review of the abortion and prostitution laws and to strongly oppose the decriminalisation of Prostitution
  • To collaborate with Family Policy Institute, Focus on the Family, Doctors for Life and other similar institutions already making a difference in this area
  • To rather find alternative ways for the economic advancement and empowerment of these Prostitutes who are called sex workers. Some of these women are mothers with children
  • Lobby for the sanctioning and prosecution of men who are buying sex from these prostitutes
  • Review or greater regulation of cultural traditions in the following instances: – Forced, arranged marriage of minors (Ukuthwala culture); the exclusion of women/ mothers in rites of passage discussions of their sons
  • Mentorship programme for young men and women by older men and older women, which is especially important in Child- Headed households, widows and orphans

“There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues are created”– Winston Churchill