About Us

UNITY amongst religious organisations, NGO’s and businesses


Our Story

Gatekeepers SA calls for UNITY amongst religious organisations, NGO’s and businesses who wish to restore sound family values and who have the interests of the people of South Africa at heart. We invite you to join or partner with our organisation and add to our voice.  Let us Unite and rebuild the ruins of South Africa, one child, one family at a time.

Our society needs our help.  God has given us the tools to be that help as He commanded us to be the SALT & THE LIGHT of the earth. When God gave us Dominion to rule over all the earth, He gave us the tools and the capacity to dominate in every sphere of society. The time to act is now!

Who are our Members

Our members are made up of NGO’s, Non-denominational Religious organisations and businesses who will subscribe to Gatekeepers South Africa. Any individual or company interested in making a difference to South Africa and who is interested in rebuilding sound family values, will also be permitted to join.

Why the need for Gatekeepers

  • To equip our people to effectively Guard the Gates of our families, schools, cities and nation so that only good, and not evil, will be allowed to enter in.
  • To be the unifying voice of the people of South Africa who ascribe to sound family values.
  • To be an information hub on critical matters affecting our society, especially proposed legislation.
  • To protect and preserve sound family values and principles.
  • Since a single organisation or NGO cannot take the government to court, GSA will be the organisation that will lobby, on behalf of its members and with one voice, against laws detrimental to our society and litigate where necessary.
  • To affiliate and to co-operate with local and International Christian Bodies in the promotion of Christianity.
  • To fulfil our mandate of making disciples of all nations, starting in our own backyard first, with our own youth, in our own schools and in our own communities.
  • To hold and to participate in International Seminars, Conferences and discussions on Christian matters and to make contributions thereto on behalf of the Christians of South Africa.
  • To deliver on our mandate of being the Salt and the Light in our nation.

The impact we believe the proposed interventions will have on our people and therefore our country

  • A reduction in the pregnancy rate in our schools
  • A reduction of HIV aids amongst our learners
  • A reduction in the level of promiscuity amongst the youth
  • A reduction in the crime rate
  • A youth that will know their identity
  • A reduction in the number of suicides
  • The restoration of respect for fellow man
  • The restoration of the dignity of our teachers
  • Greater parental respect and controls
  • Sustainability of Start-up Entrepreneurs
  • A reduction in the entitlement mentality amongst our Youth
  • A reduction in Gender-based violence
  • Healing amongst dysfunctional families and less woundedness in the hearts of our people
  • The innocent will live through the review of the abortion law