Sports, Arts & Entertainment


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Worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power and

riches and wisdom and strength and honor

and GLORY and blessing.

Revelations 5:12

In this area of culture referred to as Sports, Arts and Entertainment, we see God as Creator. He is love displayed as Glory. This is the Glory of God coming through humanity. God loves us so much that He allows His creativity to shine through us and then He allows us to get the glory of our own. Your glory is your uniqueness, what you are known for and what makes you, you. When you have found the best version of yourself – you have found your true glory. When your true glory causes others to be inspired and entertained, you are expressing an aspect of God as creator.

This Mountain of Influence, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, is what really unites and brings people together. We possess the gift of creativity because we bear the image of God. Art in its many forms, is an integral part of what we do as humans and can reflect something of the beauty and truth of God. Artists, at their best, are the truth-tellers and so the arts constitute one important way in which we can speak the truth of the gospel. Drama, dance, storytelling, music and visual image can be expressions, both of the reality of our brokenness, and of the hope that is centered in the Gospel of Christ that all things will be made new.

In the world of mission, the arts are an untapped resource. We actively encourage greater Christian involvement in the arts. Our desire is for God’s people to rise as never before in taking back the Mountain of Sports, Arts and Entertainment so that the world may see the expression of the creativity of God in all the art forms, from music to films, from television to books, from plays to fashion, to all forms of celebration in the arts.

What we propose

  • The nudity, profanity and general moral decay on most channels targeting the youth goes without much focus by parents. Bodies such as ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa) and FPB (Film & Publication Board) should not focus only on movies but general oversight on TV channels
  • Greater scrutiny on the age restriction of movies and the age appropriateness thereof, with parental education on how to block adult channels on their DSTV
  • There must be general oversight of age restrictions on all TV Channels and not just on movies
  • Review of the laws on gambling and permissible age of gambling
  • Review of the laws on the operation hours of gambling outlets. Gambling addictions have created broken homes and dysfunctional families and job losses
  • Adult World shops encourage promiscuity, prostitution and pornographic addictions and fuels Gender-based violence & should therefore be taxed at a much higher rate
  • The minimum age for entry into Adult shops must be increased to 23 years
  • The minimum age restriction must be increased to 21 for entry into night clubs and bars
  • Stricter laws and law enforcement on the liquor laws. Statistics show that alcohol consumption fuels gender-based violence, increases road accidents and poverty.

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.”– Oscar Wilde