An organisation created to protect the Gates of our society and thereby our beloved country.

NPC Reg.No. 2020/464813/08

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About Gatekeepers South Africa

Gatekeepers South Africa is a non-denominational, multiracial umbrella body and public interest Non-Profit organisation created to be a united, single voice, established to lobby for laws to be passed by the Government of South Africa that protect and restore sound South African family values.

Over the past three decades, our socio-economic conditions in South Africa have deteriorated to an alarming state. Gatekeepers South Africa urgently felt the need to create a common platform and a single united voice to enable South Africans to become actively involved in the decisions that directly affect their communities, families, and future generations and through joining our organisation, become effective Gatekeepers of their communities.

Gatekeepers South Africa will fulfil this mandate through the 7 Pillars of Influence.


In the area of culture referred to as Media (how life is reported), we see God as Communicator. Just as words spoken over us as individuals affect out personal identity, words spoken through media outlets also affect the identity of a city or a nation.


When a nation’s government is riddled with scandals and thievery the effect on that nation is fear, apathy, and hopelessness. When government functions the way it is supposed to, love is displayed as Power – the power to prosper in every way.


God desires us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth, through a relationship with Jesus Christ. False religion is a set of rules or a system to follow to appease God. True religion, however, is relationship, trust and intimacy with God through Jesus Christ, our Mediator.


Family is the nucleus of society. The family is a generational strength that was meant to help us as individuals to stand against the storms of life when everything else falls apart and is the one safe place you can always come back to for acceptance and love.


Wisdom is that heavenly attribute associated with the face of God as teacher. This is the wisdom we were meant to grow in, through our education experiences. God, as our teacher, wants to partner with us, on the Mountain of Education.


When business is done God’s way, His love overflows as riches, and there is plenty to go around. We see God as the Provider and His love displayed as riches. These are the riches that are expressed in the abundance of the resources through our economy.


In this area of culture, we see God as creator. He is love displayed as Glory. This is the Glory of God coming through humanity. God loves us so much that He allows His creativity to shine through us and then He allows us to get the glory of our own.

Our Mandate Given by God

The mandate we were given by God is to fill the earth with the knowledge of the Glory of God as His representatives, ones who were made in His image. The knowledge of God is the understanding of not only who He is, but also how He is, or what He’s like. The glory of God is His essence – what He’s really like, what motivates Him, and what is uniquely Him. The saving knowledge of God, is just one aspect of the knowledge of God that is available for receiving and displaying. Our battle is a battle of knowledge.

Our Vision

We envision being the unifying voice and lobby group for laws affecting our society and to stand together in judicial matters on behalf of our members.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a united body to foster love and unity amongst various non-denominational groups and NGO’s of South Africa, to rebuild our spiritual DNA and raise and equip spiritual warriors for Kingdom purpose.