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God desires us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth (John 4:24), through a relationship with Jesus Christ. However, the religious spirit will always prioritize rituals or traditions over relationship. In essence, Satan took our right to have a real relationship with Father God and deceived us into exchanging it for religion based on knowing principles, a set of do’s and don’ts, rather than the freedom to know God Himself. Every good thing God has offered us, Satan offers us a counterfeit. Religion by definition is a way of belief or worship. False religion is a set of rules or a system to follow in order to appease God. True religion, however, is relationship, trust and intimacy with God through Jesus Christ, our Mediator.

What we propose

  • To ensure that laws against the freedom of religion and public evangelism are not passed, as in Russia
  • To collaborate with FOR SA and other similar organisations to support the work that is being done
  • Since Christianity is the majority religion in our country, that a principle of “majority rules” be upheld and that the laws that violate sound family values in violation with biblical principles, be reviewed
  • To be a unifying lobby voice amongst all Christian religious groups
  • To bring unity back within the Body of Christ
  • Work together with the Cultural, Religious and Linguistic (CRL) Commission
  • Make the Gospel attractive to our Youth through strategic interventions
  • To ensure that Spiritual warriors are raised in our communities, especially through the proposed Adopt-a-School Transformation Programme in partnership with our Churches
  • Spiritual boot Camps on weekends or during School holidays be introduced, in all regions
  • A National Elders Council needs to be established that will ensure accountability, transparency, monitoring and oversight of all churches

“With God, all things are possible”– Matthew 19:26